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Dark Tanning 4x Bronzer

4x Bronzer - You'll get immediate dark tanning results with the DHA, Walnut Extract, Erythrulose, and Control Release Agents.

Level 16 Accelerators - Three potent Tyrosine derivatives enhance your ability to tan while maximizing UV absorption.

Anti-Cellulite/Skin Firming - The triple action anti-agingand firming blend tightens your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dimethicone - This amazing skin smoothing ingredient leaves you silky-smooth and velvety soft.

Product Actions: Tan Accelerator, Bronzer, Skin Firming

Size: 12 US fl. oz. (360mL) bottles, .7 US fl oz. (20mL) packets

Fragrance: Creme Brulee

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