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OC Hydronite Tanning Lotion

oc hydronite


Skin Nourishing Dark Tanning Lotion with Oxycellerate™ & AuraPure™

Hydronite is fully loaded with cool action accelerators and melaleuca super hydration, allowing your skin the ultimate hydration while cooling you to the core.

Oxycellerate™ - Our unique blend of 3 Tyrosine Accelerators, Brazilian Helio Carrot Oil, Cool Sensation Melaleuca and Sweet Violet Botanicals leave your skin fresh and receptive to UV Light.

AuraPure™ - an innovative anti-bacterial blend to stop after tan odor.

Oplex™ - Rejuvenation technology enables the skin to absorb the highest levels of oxygen.

Product Actions: Tan Accelerator, Skin Firming, Cooling, Exfoliator

Size: 9 US fl. oz. (266mL) tubes, .7 US fl oz. (20mL) packets

Fragrance: Honeydew Melon

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